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Youth Prostitution In Canada.

They believe they had to run as they find home life intolerable. None of these push factors alone; explain why they turn to prostitution. How and why they turn to be prostitutes is not that important as the importance of independent street life to them.

What is attractive about street life is that it allows the runaway or disaffiliated youth a sense of belonging, a feeling of autonomy, and a means of financial independence. Most important of all, street prostitution provides a means of subsistence. And the fast and substantial money that it does bring to a core group of prostitutes symbolizes much that is cherished in mainstream materialist Western culture. (Davis, 1993, p. 72)

According to the Canadian Women's Health Network, Prostitution and sex business in Canada is a multi-billion dollar market, which is developed annually on the basis of maintaining prostitution business at the rate of $400 million. (CWHN, June 2006) Prostitution alone does not refer to the social international issues, which are at continuous ignorance since 1980s in Canada, but it includes the involvement of male as well as females as customers, pimps and prostitutes. The dilemma is that after 20 years of implementing the policies for prostitution, it is still on a growing trend, where youth is deeply influenced by this profession. ...
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In Canada, prostitution is a mainly female occupation; however males are also not behind due to the reason that one can earn handsome amount while providing sexual services in a country like Canada where prostitution upholds legal position. …
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