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Jeremiah de Saint-Amour's lover consented to his suicide, for no particular reason but love. The Mulatta claimed that it is because she loves him so much that he allowed him to end his suffering (Marquez, 2007), assuming that death would bring rest and relief.


Inc, 2009)At a time where comfort and convenience are common market commodities, with things such as instant food, instant shopping and even instant help so prevalent, the society has lost the appreciation of sacrifice and self-denial. As a result, we have become accustomed to labelling small comfort and convenience disruptions as sufferings.
There are, of course those who are inevitably suffering pain, those with terminal illness or emotional burdens, coping with a loss or bearing bodily pains. At these times, when, no material thing can bring about healing, no words, no touch are enough to console, will there really be someone who can bring comfort If someone has authored or at least allowed sufferings, will He also be there to appease
The issue of suffering can be viewed from different views and fields. It can be studied philosophically, can also be of examined by mere reasons and most of all, and most prominently, it can be scrutinized in view of faith. Indeed many people have tried to explain sufferings, both those who believe and those who do not believe in the existence of God.
An article of Arthur Schopenhauer says that "unless suffering is the direct and immediate object of life, our existence must entirely fail of its aim. ...
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