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Essay example - The Guernica

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The Guernica is one of Pablo Picasso's boldest works. The Guernica's colors are mainly navy blue, gray, white, and black - colors that depicts gloom, depression, and lifelessness. The colors used are very much suited for the painting's theme, which is war and suffering…

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It projects a heavy emotion through its dismal, grim nature. The Guernica also shows the morphing of humans and animals - a clear opinion from the artist of how war creates a situation where humans and animals seem to be alike. The Guernica depicts a mood that is most likely to be associated with a house of horrors, full of distorted, morphed characters carrying a heavy, dark mood full of gloom and grim. Picasso's opinion of wars is clearly expressed through the Guernica.
The complexity of its content makes it a unique work of art. Thus, I have always believed that a work of art is a reflection of how the artist sees the world. It is the artist's expression of the circumstances that occur around him. It is the artist's creation of something that holds underlying symbolisms and mysteries within it, that each person has their own view and opinions towards it. In my point of view, it is the Guernica that best represents a work of art. Its uniqueness is brought about by the unconventional style of depicting characters, and its symbolism cannot be interpreted in a single angle. It gives room for everyone to have their own interpretations and ideas formed - a true mark of a work of art. For me, that is what is considered to be a work of art; and the Guernica is absolutely one of its kind.
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