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Admission/Application Essay example - Graduate Diploma in Finance and Banking

Admission/Application Essay
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I have always believed in the important role of financial intermediaries in developing the economic performance of a nation by channeling excess fund from depositors to households and business organization. Professionally speaking, my long term goal is to stimulate and enhance the economic situation of Haiti through the efficient management of a financial institution which will provide the much needed financing that players in different domestic industries require…

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My quest in accomplishing this goal will be hugely aided by a deeper knowledge and understanding of the financial system together with the role of financial intermediaries like banks, saving and loan cooperatives, and microfinance institutions. With my hands-on experience in managing CFI SA, I have learned that zeal and motivation are important yet insufficient in tackling and facing the numerous challenges posted by the changing business and economic climate. A Masters Degree in Banking and Finance will enhance my strengths and competencies by equipping me with the necessary knowledge and skills by broadening my understanding on various concepts such as global markets, corporate operations, securities markets, investments, methods of financial analysis, mergers and acquisitions. ...
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