Sports Logistics & Event Planning A Visit to Chelsea Football Stadium

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The following paper discusses about the various logistics issues which crop up while planning a visit to one of the most famous clubs of English Premier League Football Championship. It discusses the issues while considering the backdrop of a visit to the stadium for the students studying in High Wycombe Primary School, which is situated in Buckinghamshire.


The main aspect of the whole visit is to get an opportunity to meet the players of the club and have tour of the whole stadium and its training facilities. It also underlines the need to interact with academy coaches associated with the stadium. So let's discuss the whole issue in parts so as to get a better understanding of the whole scenario.
The main objective of the whole trip is ensure that every student of age group between 5 and 12 years of High Wycombe Primary School, Buckinghamshire has toured the stadium of Chelsea Football Club which is located at Stamford Bridge, London. Apart from this secondary objective which needs to be achieved is the interaction process between students and players and academy coaches. The aim of such a trip is that students needs to understand the importance of sport like football and students need to understand the values of integrity, sportsmanship, determination, pride and know about the qualities like discipline, perservenace and hard work and these all, to be imbibed in students of such young age, need to meet the people who have such qualities and interaction with football players of one of the best clubs in the whole world is the apt choice.
People going to the Trip: Apart from the students, it is always important and also necessary to send guardians to take care of the ...
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