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Seatbelt and Exhaust System Defects

The company should recall these cars to be fixed, if not replaced, in order to ensure the customer's safety. 3) Ensure the market that such problems are inevitable and are easily dealt with.
Approach and Analysis: The first step into solving this problem is to reacquire the previously sold cars and repair the defects. The owners must be contacted, informed about the problem and be requested for a recall. This process entails sacrifices for both parties which mean that a just compensation must be provided to get the customers' full cooperation. The whole repair will, after all, be done in forty minutes. Even with an estimate of 1.35 Million cars to be recalled, the process could not be that troublesome.
After acquiring the cars, experts should be present to asses the defects. See if it is uniform among the cars or are there differences. Data should be gathered differentiating the defects and damages acquired across the models, logistics, etc. Then the data should then be analyzed by economists, medical experts and the board along with the car experts.
A decision should then be made whether to continue production alter the design or revamp the design all in all. Though this process, better techniques on both manufacturing and detecting defects on sold cars must be made.
The market should then be wooed so as not to loose trust for the company. This is very important since the world is undergoing financial crisis. ...
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Introduction: Seatbelt and/or exhaust system defects were found in three car models: Vitz (or Yaris as it is called in the US market), Belta and Ractis. Complaints from japan have been reported, one of then indicated that the defect on the seatbelt had been assumed to have caused a fire…
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