Strategic Direction of Tesco

Case Study
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[Tesco is the UK's largest retailer and one of the world's leading international retailers. It is one of British business' great success stories by fulfilling people's expectations to have safe, nutritious, quality food at affordable prices. It is also UK's biggest private sector employer with over 270,000 people in the UK and 140,000 internationally.


We have a track record of providing value for customers, creating jobs and training, providing opportunities for suppliers and regenerating deprived areas.
[The Tesco Group had turnover of 33,974 million ($59,454 million) with pre-tax profits of 2,029 million ($3,551 million) in the year to February 2005. We have 2,467 stores, employing over 370,000 people in the 13 countries in which we operate. In Europe, outside the UK, we operate in Ireland, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Turkey where we have 305 stores and over 61,000 employees.]
For the first 50 years, Tesco worked hard to establish the brand and build up a strong UK business, by ensuring that everything we did was driven by a never-ending ambition to improve our customers' shopping trips.]
"No one tries harder for customers," and "Treat people how we like to be treated," are the core values of Tesco and its approach to Corporate Responsibility. Sir Terry Leahy says that they believe they can achieve most when they work together on practical things that make a difference.
Tesco helps customers and fairly treat colleagues with trust and respect. ...
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