Mechanical and structure factors in aviation safety

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During the time of Michael de Nostradamus where he predicted that there will come a time that " Man will travel safely by air" , no one seems to believe him as most of the people then have no experience to travel by means of air. A lot of attempts where made in order for man to travel by air including da Vinci who made a wings made of wax in order to have a flight in the air.


The first flight lasted 12 sec, but later flights on the same day were a little longer; a safe landing was made after each attempt. The machine was a biplane (an airplane with two main supporting surfaces, or wings) with two propellers chain-driven by a gasoline motor ( 2004)."
Since then, the idea of having a safe travel by air is a myth no more. A lot of developments have been made and people from all over the globe were fascinated by the idea of having their travel via air. During these developments, it was also made to the knowledge of many that travel by air is much faster than transportations both in land and in water. With the demand surging continuously, the development of Airplane as a means of transportation was embraced.
Up to present wherein a lot of models where introduced transporting tremendous amount of goods and people are being transported day after the other, flight or aviation safety is still a vital concern for the people who utilize airplanes and other related air transport vessels. For several years, air mishaps, crashes, engine malfunctioning has been recorded and was attributed for the loss of properties, resources and lives over the past several years. ...
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