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D by the name of Gloria Kindell. The author has divided the article in three different sections mainly with the names "what's the fuss", what is an endangered language", and "so, what should we do" These three parts can be scientifically termed as the problem, the matter and the recommendations. In the first part the author gives a brief overlook of the problem that is the extinction of language due to globalization. As people move towards languages that are more widely spoken dumping their own language. In the second part the writer explains the symptoms of languages that are endangered to extinction. And in the third part the author explains how does SIL International helps in preserving the languages that are endangered. The website also has three more sections that enable a user to browse through links to other resources plus a FAQ's section that helps a user in getting answers to the same questions that have been previously asked. The website content is very interesting but is of a level for a user that is completely unaware of the language extinction problem which is a major threat and only provides a brief over view of the problem. The website has been designed using the simple Java Language. The website also gives the contact information of SIL their address, telephone number, and fax number. ...
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Internet has become a very important aspect of the human life. Today Internet provides many functions to humans through its worldwide usability. Internet is used through websites. Websites are very important and integral part that enables a user to browse through tons of information…
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