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How occupational status, intergenerational mobility and social network affects individual's status attainment - Essay Example

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How occupational status, intergenerational mobility and social network affects individual's status attainment

There are different factors which are responsible for status attainment. Some of them are occupational status, intergenerational mobility and social network. Depending on the positioning of the individual with respect to these factors, the status attainment of an individual is determined. This paper studies some of the likely effects of these three factors on the individual's attainment of his status.
In studying the concept of social attainment, human capital theory, theories on discrimination and the status attainment models have been used. According to Dr.Pretty Lam (2000) Human capital theory explains the differences in social and economic positions on the basis of factors like, education, work experience and on the job training. Besides the human capital, the concepts of social capital and cultural capital will also be used. "The educational and occupational status attainment process links socio-economic status and mental ability to educational and occupational attainment by means of intervening social psychological variables, including academic performance, the influence of significant others and educational and occupational aspirations." (William H. Sewell, Archibald O. Haller, George W. Ohlendorf 1970)
Many analysts even today will substantiate the statement of Blau & Duncan (1967) t ...
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According to the theory of social production functions, all human beings strive for two major goals; physical well being and social approval. To produce social approval, status, behavioural confirmation and affection can be considered as means. One of the aspects for producing social approval thus is 'status attainment'…
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