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The Awakening by Kate Chopin

If you look closely, one can find the exact opposite of what Chopin intended, a case for male oppression by a female, something most feminists would not want in their work at all.
If you read the Awakening, you may not pick up on it. In fact, you may glance right over the fact. Who would suspect to see something about women's oppression over men in such a pro-feminism book Look a little more closely, and the story of Leonce Pontellier comes into focus. During this huge period of change within Edna, how did she act towards her unknowing husband Oh, yeah. Not only was Edna committing adultery on her poor husband, she was running around town chasing after another man. It was only Robert himself who was able to stop Edna from committing further physical adultery against her husband, who had been kind and trusting enough to have let Edna alone as she wished.
Also, when Edna started acting strange, the first thing Leonce did was try to get her help. When talking to the doctor, all he wanted was to make sure Edna would be ok, and he was willing to do anything he could to make sure she was comfortable and happy. ...
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When one thinks of The Awakening by Kate Chopin, a story of a women trying to free herself from the shackled of society comes to mind. Edna was a women trying to free herself from the women hating culture of the time, and trying to escapes and be her own. Kate Chopin writes the book as a piece of feminist literature, and by doing so totally ignores the needs of the other male characters of the book…
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