Considering the Threats and Vulnerabilities of Information Systems: A Plan for Improvements

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While some of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department (FLPD) of Florida's modes of management aim to support the department in its efforts to protect citizens, the policies and procedures to protect its information systems require improvements. The occurrences of manmade and natural disasters along with the ever-rising threat of cyber-terrorism warrants continued development of risk management planning-an established effort to improve guards of information systems (BCF).


However, current considerations should be examined to further scrutinize the consequential effects of internal and external threats. To combat internal and external threats and guard information systems, proposed actions include the following: enhancements to the hiring and promotion processes, implementing a contingency in job appointments, enhancing sustainability of basic technology.
The interconnectivity of FLPD's Information Systems Unit provides secured information with added convenience. Interconnectivity of the system allows immediate responses to inquiries and eliminates lag time possible from manual efforts to retrieve information ( When an emergency call is entered into the Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD), the CAD instantly checks other databases supported by the ISU and instantly relays dependable and pertinent information. Thus, the efficiency of the ISU aids FLPD's Public Safety Communications Center in its quick responses to the emergency needs of its citizens.
Without effective or secured informational systems, however, emergency operations may lack proficiency in their efforts to respond to citizens' needs. ...
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