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Essay example - The Strategic Plan for Kudler Fine Food

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Based on the KFF's mission, vision, and current situation, the company's short and mid-term objectives are to strengthen its current market positioning, reduce costs, and increase profits. These objectives will be achieved by launching a company wide Operational Excellence program that focuses on standardization, data centralization, supply chain automation and improved inventory management…

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Once the company operations have been stream-lined and costs have been reduced, we will proceed with the implementation and launch of the web-based Catering service. To achieve operational excellence, the SAP Business ONE solution will be configured and deployed in the organization. This all in one solution will allow KFF to manage its accounting and financials, purchasing and operations, and most importantly better manage its supply chain and product inventory. To reduce up-front and maintenance cost, the company will use the SAP solution on a monthly subscription-based model. This eliminates the required up-front capital and transforms it in a monthly operational cost. The chosen service provider is Attenda as it offers a fully managed hosted SAP Business One solution at a competitive price with 24x7 customer support.
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