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Mobile Computing and Mobile Computing Security

Today, a whole variety of 'mobile computing platforms' such as in-dash VGA displays and automobile computers which feature a variety of applications and functions such as global positioning systems (GPS) and radar detection systems are available for the mass market ("Mobile computing", 2006).
Some mobile computing devices use WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) as their means to communicate and acquire data. A WLAN is a LAN (Local Area Network) connected through radio or other wireless means. One of the advantages of using a WLAN is the flexibility it offers to overcome restrictions of physically connected networks to space restrictions. It is easy, wire-free and simple to use. WLAN allows data access without having to "jack-in" or plug to a wired network (Shriraghavan et al, 2003).
Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) transmits and receives data through fixed line network called access points. An area called a "hotspot" results from the area covered by each of the access points. Each access point serves numerous subscribers and they alter their 'access points' as they transfer from one point to another. ...
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Mobile computing involves the use of computing and communications devices to transfer data and other forms of communications even without a direct physical link between the source and recipient device (Shriraghavan et al, 2003). It is also refers to use the use of compact, portable computing devices such as laptops, pocket computers, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA's) and other similar devices that use wireless technology ("Mobile computing", 2006).
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