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Indifference Curve - Essay Example

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Indifference Curve

The list of indifference curves associated with different utility level is called an Indifference Map. The rational consumer prefers the higher or right most, Indifference curve, since they represent combinations of goods providing higher utility levels.
The slope of the indifference curve is called the marginal rate of substitution. It is the rate at which consumers are willing to give up one good in exchange for more of the other good. For most goods the marginal rate of substitution is not constant so their indifference curves are curved. Indifference curves are typically assumed to have the following features:
Today's Economy is market driven where customer is the king. The market price is determined by forces of 'Demand and Supply'. To excel in the market, the firms must asses the demand of the customer. Consumer theory uses indifference curves and budget constraints to produce consumer demand curves. A budget constraint shows the consumer's purchase opportunities as every combination of two goods that can be bought at given prices using a given amount of income. Consumer's optimal combination of goods to consume is the amount that maximizes his utility subject to his/her budget constraint. ...Show more


An indifference curve is a graph representation showing combinations of goods for which a consumer preference/utility is indifferent, that is, it has no preference for one combination versus another. They are used as a device to represent the consumer preferences and applied extensively in choice theory…
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Indifference Curve essay example
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Unfortunately, Laspeyres does not take an account that as prices rise the consumer will automatically buy less of the purchase or will go for a cheaper product, in both the cases reducing the sales volume of the particular product. As an outcome of this oversight, Laspeyres index methodically overstates price rises.
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Portfolio Analysis
The horizontal axis on an indifference curve represents the risk of an investment, while the vertical axis represents the earning or return that an investor would expect to earn from the investment. According to Campbell (1996), the indifference curve is a plot of the trade-off between an investor’s risk aversion and affinity against the return of an investment.
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The concept of marginal utility has been replaced by the marginal rate of substitution. And against the Marshallian ‘proportionality rule’ to describe the consumer’s equilibrium, indifference curve technique has advanced the equality between the marginal rate of substitution and the price ratio.
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Insurance Model
Consumers The consumers can be of two types, namely high risk (H) and low risk (L). These two groups of consumers have the same initial endowments e, which essentially are state contingent claims to consumption. These consumers are susceptible to an accidental loss in future.
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Demand & Supply
Ceterus paribus is an omnibus assumption and holds all other factors which might influence consumer's demand as constant for the purpose of analysis. These factors may include income of the consumer, tastes of the consumer, impact of fashion and style, peculiar consumer characteristics like miserliness, scarcity of good and other choice patterns in consumer behaviour.Under these assumptions the price and quantity demanded are shown as inversely related and the graphical representation of consumer data in this scenario results in a downward sloping demand curve.
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Indifference curve analysis
While in practice the consumer may go in for a particular combination of the two goods(quite irrespective of the utility derived) the indifference curve carries hypothetical consumption states strictly for analyzing and exhibiting a manner in which consumption decisions are reached.
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EC 444
The first property is negative slope where the indifference curve slopes downwards because the individual gets satisfaction from leisure and real income. The second property is convex to origin direction because the individual’s income is
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Risk & Uncertainty - Microeconomics 3rd Year
An individual is regarded as being risk averse if he prefers to have the expected value of his wealth rather than face a gamble. Taking out insurance is seen as a gamble. Insurance covers the insured against loss caused by an incident such as fire and
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nal number system, which is said to measure the strength of a consumer’s desire, the indifference curve substituted ordinal number system of first, second, third etc., to indicate the consumer’s scale of preferences. The concept of marginal utility has been replaced by the
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Ophelia says,' if i could lend money at the rates i must pay to brrow, i would. And if i could borrow money at the rates i receive when i lend, i would again. But forsooth, alothought i spend, i neither borrow nor lend.'
Over the points on the indifference curves the consumer has no preference over the available goods. Each point on the indifference curve provides identical utility to the
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