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Stem Cells May Be Key to Cancer - Essay Example

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Stem Cells May Be Key to Cancer

The medical benefits of research are sufficient to justify and support the research in order to cure millions of people around the world. Self-renewal is one of the main benefits of the stem-cells in cancer treatment. The author argues that the stem cells are responsible for maintaining a tissue or an organ, so stem cells research will help to replace damaged and ill tissues by new ones. "Researchers hope that the cancer stem cells, because of their excessive activity, may be more dependent than normal cells on certain cellular processes and thus will be more vulnerable to drugs that block those processes" (Wade 2006). Stem cell research should be federally funded because this research and further developments in this field will help many people to treat incurable disease and preserve their health. Wade underlines that stem cell research requires huge investments because it is one of the most expensive areas of research. In many cases, private institutions and research laboratories cannot afford such long-term in embryonic cell stem research field. Thesis investments directed to stem cells and cancer problems only will help the state to save millions of dollars and achieve fast and successful results in this particular area of treatment.
The government support and huge investments in cancer research and related fields of medicine are crucial for modern society as millions of people die annually because of tumors and cancer problems. ...
f a bioethics committee or commission if that is at all possible; no one wants disagreement just for the sake of disagreement and these committees are set up with practical ends in view; they cannot be debating societies or academic seminars in which all possible points of view are given an airing and no practical guidance for decision-making is indicated. There is the fear that a lack of unanimity in a report will give policymakers who wish to maintain the status quo a good excuse for doing nothing.
The second argument is that investments and development of cancer treatments will help the industry to generate more money and invest in other spheres of the stem cell research. Nevertheless, it is wholly to be expected that on the difficult and complex moral and social and legal issues posed by the new biotechnology there will be deep differences of view among even the most informed and rational people. Embryonic stem cell research should be federally funded because it will help the state to control the research process and control ethical issues. Embryonic stem cell research requires careful attention and considerations in order to avoid violation of natural laws and principles. In the field of bioethics critics are often faced with such dilemmas, so researchers should not try to hide the fact of negative and even dangerous consequences of the stem cell research The expectation that bioethics should reach some kind of agreement linked with the idea that there is, or ought to be, some kind of ordinary morality or ethics, no matter how minimal it might be. Researchers who argue for such a scientific morality in modern society usually attack the excesses of individualism according to which everyone is free to follow their own lives in their own way.
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The article "Stem Cells May Be Key to Cancer " by N. Wade describes the role and importance of stem cells in cancer and tumors development. The author argues that modern medical science has made a great leap toward the development of cures for incurable diseases…
Author : montanaweber
Stem Cells May Be Key to Cancer essay example
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