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Dyspareunia - Essay Example

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Such sexual dysfunctions include sexual desire disorders, sexual pain disorders, and sexual arousal disorders. Thus, if a person has difficulty in some stage of the response cycle or experiences pain during sexual intercourse, he/she, according to Miller, is positive in having a sexual dysfunction.
Sexual dysfunctions have many types. Sexual dysfunction is said to have a sexual dysfunction as early as ones sexual fantasies are increasing while the actual intercourse is decreasing and later on, the absence of it. This kind of sexual disorder is called as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder. However, before any sexual difficulty was supposed to be called a disorder or dysfunction, an individual must be affected first. (Bornstein J, Shapiro S, Rahat M, Goldshmid N, Goldik Z, Abramovici H, et al., 1996)
Furthermore, one rare sexual dysfunction is called as the Sexual Aversion Disorder, wherein the person involved is relentlessly avoiding having genitals contact with his/her partner and thus, having a great effect with the sexual relationship.
Actually, there are so many kinds of sexual disorders, like Female Sexual Disorder, Male Erectile Disorder, Female and Male Orgasmic Disorder, Premature Ejaculation and of course the most popular among the categories of sexual disorders; dyspareunia. ...
It is said that dyspareunia is sometimes chronic in nature. (Butcher J, 1999)
On the other hand, Vertosick Frank (2000), discussed in his article in 'behave net' that if the presence of psychological factors played an important role in the pain felt by a person, like in the start, exactness, exacerbation or continuation of the pain, this is considered as a pain disorder. Thus, the pain is not caused deliberately nor created or mocked.
Another thing to classify what is pain disorder; we can associate it with psychological factors and general medications. Diagnostic for the pain disorder is recognized as follows: pain in one or more anatomical parts is the principal focus of the clinical arrangement and is of strictly adequate to demand medical attention; what causes pain is basically misery or with mutilation in occupational, social or in other important areas of functioning; the pain is not faked nor intentionally produced and it is not associated with mood, anxiety or psychotic disorders; and lastly, psychological factors played a significant role in the beginning, rigorousness, exacerbation or in maintenance of the pain. (Binik, Y. M., 2005)
Based on the definitions of sexual and pain disorder, we can clearly draw the line in categorizing dyspareunia. However, to make the arguments about the classification of dyspareunia more clearly and the information more accurately, lets define dyspareunia and what are the standards of DSM-IV-TR in labeling it as a sexual pain disorder.
Dyspareunia, according to Steege and Ling, is the repeated and persistent genital pain related with sexual activity, in either the male or female. It may be due to emotional, organic and or psychogenic causes.
However, some studies said that dyspareunia is associated with a more ...Show more


Dyspareunia Is it just a simple pain disorder or a sexual disorder Dyspareunia is simply defined as the "painful sexual intercourse". But lately, arguments about whether should it be classified as a 'Pain Disorder" or a 'Sexual Disorder' in the DSM-IV-TR criteria has been raising eyebrows…
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