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The Sumerian civilization

The existing forms of writing were not sufficient enough to be of much use to the Sumerian civilization in its advanced methods of calculation and of setting down thoughts. There were not enough symbols, pictures or word forms in the original modes of communication. Especially, writing was found to be a hindrance when the civilization advanced to the point of sending out trade expeditions to other lands. All of these factors encouraged an advanced form of writing to be developed in the Sumerian Civilization-one in which they could keep official records (McClellan 2006, p. 66-71).
Although the systems of the civilization were developing rapidly, there were not many Sumerians who had the ability to read and write. To overcome this problem, the people would hire the services of scribes who would read and write on their behalf. The main use of the written documents was the implementation of the legal system which first established and then further developed laws. The ruling King would make rules that could be consistently implemented throughout the region, as scribes would place their tablets throughout the city and the rules then could be uniformly applied (Sherman & Slaisbury 2008, p. 97-9). This process represented a major step forward.
The uses of writings developed beyond just alphabets as people used them to ma ...
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The Sumerian civilization progressed in an advanced manner to build towards structured Monarchy. The administrative control of every city was properly built and the hierarchy of rule developed in the form of consistent and uniform roles over this time period…
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