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Coca Cola and Coffee House

It should be noted that the Coca-Cola Company is highly regarded for its very effective and heart-warming television commercials. Maintaining this image, Coca-Cola Coffeehouse will initially invest in advertising its products through major television stations during hours of the day where the target market is likely to be in tuned with this media. Before the official opening of the Coca-Cola Coffeehouse and the release of its various products, television commercials will be strategically employed in order to inform customers of the new sensation to hit the town. Since, the business organization will initially focus on the Northern American market, the advertisements will feature the values and culture of the clientele. However, advertisments will vary according to the region where it is aired.
Recognizing the huge potential of the internet as a medium in marketing goods and services, Coca-Cola Coffeehouse will also launch its own website. In this portal, the company will inform customers the variety and calorie content of its products. The website will also be used to inform customers where products are available. An online chat with Coca-Cola Coffeehouse's customer service representatives will also be available to address queries and other concerns.
In order to intensify its efforts in promoting the products, Coca-Cola Coffeehouse will be aggressively promoting its products in magazines, newspapers, and other p ...
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The promotion strategy which will be employed by the Coca-Cola Coffeehouse will be taking into account the business organization's overall marketing mix. In order to be efficient, Coca-Cola Coffeehouse will primarily base its promotional activities in the life cycle of the product…
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