Australian International History

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The first decade of the twentieth century heralded a sea of changes is the political and economical face of the world. Chief among these were the weakening of Britain's world dominance in imperialist strength and the rise of industrial nations like Germany, Japan and America that started to pose a challenge to Britain, not only in the fields of industry and political might but more importantly in the sphere of military might as well…


ts, Australia would still be under the umbrella of the empire and not completely control it's own foreign policy. In the words of B.R. Wise, "I certainly did not anticipate at the time (1888), that in such short a period of twelve years, the then prevalent indifference on the part of Great Britain and suspicion on ours would have given place to the mutual confidence which is now so significant of the relations between the two countries."[1]
called "the crimson thread of kinship"[2] with the British, this basically meant that most Australians could trace their roots to the United Kingdom, be it England, Ireland or New Wales, however, in Australia, developed a mix of nationalism and imperialism. ...
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