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Historic Event in Middle East - Essay Example

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Historic Event in Middle East

In 1917, Britain issued Balfour declaration which was seen as an attempt to support Jewish. The declaration however stated that Britain's support for the creation of Jewish national home in Palestine without violating civil and religious rights of the non-Jewish communities. By the year 1923 Britain had received two mandates a provisional mandate over Palestine and another east of river Jordan
Arabs apposed the idea of Jewish national home which lead to a Palestine, Arab nation movement in early 1930s over 100,000 Jewish refugees came to Palestine from nazi Germany and Poland) which made the Arabs organize a general uprising that paralyzed Palestine in the late 1930s. In 1939 British began to limit Jewish immigration and land purchases and it was to be done under Arabs approval only (Mendelsohn, 1989)
During World War II, most Palestinian Arabs and Jews stopped their resistance to the British rule and joined the allied forces. After World War II Zionist wanted British to allow immigration of the holocaust survivors they therefore used force to stop Great Britain from limiting Jewish immigration into Palestine. The United Nations special commission on Palestine recommended that Palestine be divided into Arab state and Jewish state also Jerusalem to be put under international control. The UN general assembly adopted this plan on November 29 1947, which could lead to the birth of Israel. Arabs rejected the move and fighting broke immediately.
On 14th May 1940, the Jews proclaimed the independent state of Israel and the British withdrew from Palestine the next day neighboring Arabs nations attacked Israel. (Abboushi, 1987)
The impacts of these events on today's world are:-
It's the oppression of Jews in Eastern Europe that resulted in mass emigration of Jewish refugees who occupied Palestine with an aim of making it an independent Jewish nation the impact today being continued on and off violence between the pales tines and Israelites since then. The pales tines are fighting for the land back a thing that the Zionists can not allow.
The fact that British handed over Palestine to the Zionist brought animosity between the Palestinian Arabs and the Jews and this has led to the United Nation spending a lot of money in the peace keeping initiative which is aimed at restoring calm between the two parties.
Security uncertainty in the Middle East has also impacted heavily on the oil prices with experienced price fluctuations depending on the political climate in the Middle East.
Cold and physical war between Americans ad Arabs came as result of the emigration of Jews from Eastern Europe due to oppression. The Americans are fighting in favor of the Jews with whom they are known to have the same origin.
Lastly, the late 1800's oppression of Jews in Eastern Europe had a very strong impact on today's world because the fact that the Jews occupied 'foreign land' has led to suicide bombers. This are Palestinian terrorists who are ready to ...Show more


For years, there has been political instability in the Middle East occasioned by perpetual wars between the countries in this region. Some fights are internally ignited while others bear external influence from the superpowers. This has adversely impacted negatively to the developments of the countries in the region making it hard for them to achieve considerable growth since most of these countries resources and finances are diverted to the security measures…
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Historic Event in Middle East essay example
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