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Farming Methods

Industrial agriculture is a form of agriculture, wherein the industrialized mode of working has created a great impact in the way this agriculture functions. It consists of the industrial production of poultry, crops and livestock, that enable the packaging of these products right onto the shelves of supermarkets! It involves a great deal of mechanisation and a more economic and consumer-oriented approach. This mode of agriculture also involves the implementation of genetic technology and other scientific methods to obtain the exact kind and quality of the agricultural output involved.
This industry is inclusive of meat packaging, fisheries and poultry, besides cereal crops and other food grains. The living creatures that come as a part of this processing are literally abused and malpractice is imposed upon them, which raises numerous ethical concerns. The advantages of this type of agriculture is that, it provides cheap and huge quantity of output, especially with the desired quality and characteristics. ...
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With modernization clearly taking over the world in every sphere of human activity, agriculture too has undergone great amount of change and has become technologically modern and scientific in its approach. New and modern methods of agriculture have taken over the traditional methods, in an attempt to cater to the expanding population and the demand it exerts on the agricultural sector…
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