Wembley Stadium Management.

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Wembley Stadium Management.
Wembley Stadium is the iconic stadium with very remarkable historical basis as far back as 1924. It is one of the most spectacular football stadiums in the world, with long term commitment to games.


The new Wembley is a state of the art facility designed by globally renowned architects for hosting national and international events in sports, music and environment. The ultimate stage for major events, built to the highest specifications, using the latest technology and promising the ultimate event experience. "Wembley will provide the luxurious conditions in which to host the leading conference on sports event management and security. The prestigious Corinthian Room will give the perfect backdrop to our exhibition and a fantastic area for delegates from all over the world to network and build relationships during coffee breaks or over lunch. "Wembley Stadium is a truly iconic venue, known the world over. It will be a fitting venue for the Olympic Football finals (Cloe, 2007) Team of management aims to provide the best possible and safest environment for its users and local community.

The architecture of the Stadium is of great acknowledgement. "Visible right across London with it's 133 metre tall arch - the longest single span steel roof structure in the world - the revolutionary stadium will seat up to 90,000 spectators. It is promised to be one of the world's greatest stadiums, with outstanding facilities, unrivalled acoustics and sell-out sporting matches - all under it's retractable roof" (Arup, 2007)
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