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Essay example - Artificial Intelligence: Film Review

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the fusion of the two popular personalities in the movie industry-Steven Spielberg and Stanley Rubrick. Rubrick is considered as more intellectual filmmakers while Spielberg is the most commercial. These qualities of these two personalities, instead of fusing to create an outstanding film, collided making the film neither sufficiently stimulating nor entertaining.

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AI is set on an undetermined future when the earth has been ravaged by the greenhouse effect and coastal cities are underwater. These led to the scarcity of resources necessitating the population control. Each pregnancy is licensed and each family is required to have only one kid. In this picture, the Monica (O'Connor) and Henry (Robards) Swinton enters with their son Martin (Thomas) who is cryogenically frozen because of an untreatable disease. Thus, David (Osment) who is the brain child of Prof. Hobby (Hurt) is adopted by the couple. Everything is going well when Martin got healed and has to get back to the family. Martin, when he returns home, is sneaky and disobedient, sarcastic and manipulative. Sibling rivalry, then, arises between the two children ending up with David leaving the family. This brings depression to the mecha who already loves his parents.
The scene then changed into a world of fairytale similar to that of Pinocchio who wanted to find a way to become human. He took the journey to different places just to achieve his goal. Together David and Joe's travels take them to the debauched Rouge City and Flesh Fare. ...
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