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American Lives as they were before, during, and after The Civil War

ix). Of course this was in reference to slavery and ensuring that there would one day be the possibility to eliminate slavery from the face of the United States altogether. From a historical perspective it can be assumed that this was one of the main forces that led up to the beginnings of the Civil War. Southerners were against freeing slaves and when the two sides clashed it promoted a split of ideas across the borders and states of the country. All of this took a great deal of time before War seemed to be the only way to change the future outcome of the people in America.
Many states in the Deep South had their own particular way of life before the civil war. Many of the upper class southerners had huge slave plantations that were ran by enslaved African Americans. Some of the slave masters were decent individuals who treated their workers fairly and without prejudice yet they kept them as slaves which went against many beliefs of those in the Northern states of the country. ...
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History shows us that before the approach of the Civil War, the Republican party was in favor of what was known as, "Free labor" (Foner 1995, pg.ix). The Party believed that free labor would be far better for the country than continuing slave labor. The Northern Society of course, felt that free labor would be much more superior than using people as slaves toil in the fields, on the railroads, on farms, and as servants in the Master's houses…
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