The American Experience from 1865 to 1945

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America has been very active in matters relating to war and other political issues. For decades, America has been in the forefront in trying to solve conflicts between warring nations and at times igniting conflicts with those nations appearing to be a threat to America and the whole world at large.


The analysis looks at the Spanish-American war which took place in 1898. This war is said to have been started by Cuba following its urge for independence. The key figures include President Woodrow Wilson and Charles Evans (who was the secretary of state).
An event like the Swedish emigration to North America between 1840 and 1920 is well captured by the author. The real cause for this emigration was poverty and Swedish were trying to run away from it. The highest number migrated in 1869 and1887. He approximates the number of Swedish to be about half a million, most of who settled in Canada, Australia and Brazil.
They left Sweden by boat from Gothenburg and traveled to Liverpool from where they were ferried to New York and Boston by the emigrant ships. One of the authors Vilhelm Moberg (1898-1973) who even wrote a book titled the emigrants. It is also features Buchanan's (1856) whose art compromise skills led him to be the only president in America to be from Pennsylvanian. He ruled for four years and declined to take another term. He was succeeded by Abraham Lincoln. It was the informal agreements between Buchanan himself and South Carolina that kept was on hold.
All these writings by this author acts as an eye opener to the reader giving him/her a chance to clearly examine rationalizat ...
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