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Employee Compensation

Employee motivation has been found to be closely related to compensation, work environment, and has significant influence on company productivity. People could not be forced to work and any coercion can only lead to conflict. Thus to improve company performance, employees will have to be adequately motivated and in this context we can discuss Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory or Mc Clelland's theory of achievement motivation. An understanding of the motivational dynamics is important for improved company performance although employee compensation seems to play a significant role within the environment and performance criteria.
It would be interesting to discuss to what extent employee motivation could be increased or decreased with added compensation and how incentives, bonuses or pay levels could affect the motivational processes at the workplace. ...
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The success of any business is related to employee motivation and hardworking, motivated employees can increase profitability and productivity of any company or organization. Some of the factors that relate to employee motivation could be identified with the help of motivational theories although employees could vary greatly in what they consider as important and what would motivate them…
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