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Essay example - The Alternative

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The Alternative, Healthier Options for People on the Go, is a fast food chain that will conquer most major cities in Australia offering a healthier product line in the fast food arena. It will address the growing concern of people on the go to have a better choice when it comes to food served at speed, so that image conscious individuals from the university to young urban professionals will have great-tasting low calorie salad, burger with white meat patties, fat-free meat pies and refreshing fruit juices.

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That despite their fast paced lifestyle that leave little room for preparing food, a better option for healthier food is available and easily accessible just around any city corner, or online, as The Alternative also has its own website to sell, promote its products and connect with customers.
Called the marketing tactics known as the "Four Ps", price, place, product and promotion is a simple approach to unique blending of product or service presentation. Most companies may opt to increase these Ps to include people, physical evidence and process (MT, 2000), and these shall be discussed intensively for The Alternative.
Considering that The Alternative serves a segment that desires to look good, it is imperative that quality beyond the basic need of providing for hunger and appetite is included in the package. Price of The Alternative products is definitely higher than most regular fast food industry players that offer the traditional fat laden burgers, meat pies and carbonated water. Nevertheless, to consider value for money, customer is enticed to choose The Alternative for its immediate and long term effect on the physical well-being of the person. ...
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