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Behavior Disorders Related to Cultural Diversity

However, when discussing children and adolescents, the picture changes because individuals in this age range are still in the process of building their belief systems. The individuals who experience or construct behaviors which are destructive as a result of cultural diversity do so from a number of influences and causal factors. However, one factor that should not be used to understand these behaviors and interactions is that of racism. Although the individual may well be experiencing events similar to racially motivated disagreements, because the younger population is still constructing their core belief systems, we must look for other influences in order to understand their behaviors.
According to Boucher, the issue of mental health is a valid discussion to pursue when inquiring into children and adolescent behavioral disorders. The child who is able to take a step back, so to speak, and look at a situation from a more objective viewpoint is a person who has a better foundation of emotional and mental health than those who cannot. When an individual cannot withdraw, and put emotionally charged feelings on a lesser priority level and consider a problem or situation from a more rational point of view, the person cannot detach in order to think more clearly and exercise behavioral choice over their responses. ...
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Cultural diversity is an awkward term to identify when attempting to write a definitive dissertation regarding the effects of the same on behavioral disorders within children and adolescents. If one were to talk about adults, the effects of cultural diversity on this sector of the population is deemed racism…
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