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Roadblocks to Democracy in Iraq

They represent a turning point in democracy building in Iraq, and therefore, bring some light to the rather bleak picture.
The future of democracy in Iraq is shrouded with doubt because there is a feeling that things go slowly. Three years have passed since the US military overthrew the thirty-five years old dictatorship in Iraq but violence has not slowed down and the state of anarchy is still prevalent. The amount of violence is incredible and it has reached a point where it spares neither the military nor civilians and neither coalition soldiers nor Iraqis. A state of rebellion has been going against the foreign soldiers since they first came to Iraq. Then violence was quickly veered towards Iraqi nationals who were suspected of cooperating with the US forces, and lately the Sunni-Shiite lashes and back-lashes have been making the news. The first waves of rebellion are suspected to be orchestrated by the followers of Saddam Hussein and more precisely former security agents in order to circumvent the US military superiority (Davies, 2004). An average of fifty-five attacks on coalition and Iraqi military has been reported last year (Clark, 2005). It is clear that as long as the country remains instable, it would be hard to conduct any projects of nation-building.
In such context, various observers and scholars started criticizing the very attempt of the US at ...
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Three years after bringing down the dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein, establishing democracy in Iraq still appears hard to attain. The road to democracy in Iraq is fraught with obstacles. The country has been drawn into a spiral of violence, chaos, and a general atmosphere of scepticism…
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