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Essay example - The Three Ideological Elements on Totalitarianism

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Abstract: This paper is aimed at examining the controversial and insightful analysis of Hanah Arendt concept of the three ideological elements on Totalitarianism, in the light of the two great and impressionable revolutions of 18th century the French and American Revolution…

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American Revolution focused more on the political freedom instead of the basic economic needs. She also determines an important link between the constitution and revolution; totalitarianism and modernism and post modernism and ideology and terror.
Introduction: Totalitarianism has been the driving force for the political and philosophical debates for centuries, resulting in direct questioning of the ideological thinking of the time which induces a person or society to act in accordance with the existing system. Hannah Arendt can be considered a feminist authority on the political debates which as emerged in the context of Totalitarianism. Her political philosophy is diverse and challenging; has been nurtured for the sole purpose of evoking strong desire for freedom and emancipation which has been the core force leading to revolutions around the world. This element is very significant in the forces which lead to American and French revolution. The issue of totalitarianism is as present today as it was centuries ago, it is the push for domination leading towards evil and terror experienced by the dominant society, in which the strings of control lies in the hands of selected few autocratic and power hungry people like Hitler and Stalin. ...
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