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The incorporation of contemporary technological suit has been proposed as an integral aspect in our modern society and therefore an asset tool for any corporate organization that is geared towards gaining a competitive edge on the global dimension, company and it's therefore imperative to be integrated in the companies' infrastructure to enhance profitability, eBusiness line, and customer service, marketing and back-office.


This environment is rather so friendly and sophisticated to cultivate a culture of proficiency and also enhancing of the opportunity for the staff to grasp the know how about technology and computers. Bromberg, M (1989).
The Information and Technology Help Desk enhances hardware and software technical support and other technical assistance to the management's team, the corporate administrators, employees and even company clients. The customer care in this case in conjunction with the network support experts should continue working to ensure that the state of the art services are offered both to clients and the employees in comparatively more conducive environment.
The Information technological department on the extreme end should relentlessly offer on going training to support technological need of the company. This training centers on things like software and hardware installations, troubleshooting, support and maintenance.
Support in various departments can be offered by technological internship programs; this can help out the company in facilitating personnel support. In the marketing department, finance department, front office and the planning office. ...
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