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Shakespeare's Hamlet

A social idea, literature, art of the Renaissance resolutely rejected medieval dogmas about the necessity of hourly humility of spirit and body, detachment from all the real, obedient expectations of the moment when a man will pass to the next world. Instead, it addressed to a man with his ideas, feelings and passions, to his life in this world with its pleasures and sufferings.
The state where Danish prince lives pining from its defects, is invented Denmark. Shakespeare wrote about contemporary England. Everything in his play - heroes, ideas, problems, and characters - belongs to the society in which his lived.
"Hamlet" has with so deep philosophical contents, such grandiose human characters are created in the tragedy, that ideas and feelings of the writer became close to not only his contemporaries, but also the people of other historical periods.
It is possible to understand the hero of any drama reasoning from logic of the drama. But it is not about Hamlet. Not without reason other heroes of the tragedy compare today's Hamlet to yesterday's Hamlet. How could a normal person get mad in one night And was he really mad It is commonly considered to be one of the most difficult questions of the tragedy. ...
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Hamlet" is one of the most famous among William Shakespeare's plays. Poets and composers, philosophers and politicians were inspired by the hero of this drama. The wide circle of philosophical and ethical questions is bound in the tragedy with public and political questions of XVI, XVI and XVII centuries.
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