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The Beveridge Approach versus The Workfare Approach

Nevertheless, it is cautioned that matters are not that straightforward. Often left-wingers favour practices that disable institutional support that may affect their broader ideology and there are right-wingers who may favour it as it positively affects their broader policies. This is only a particular instance. (An Introduction to Social Policy, Undated).
In November, 1942, Sir William Beveridge presented his report entitled "Social Insurance and Allied Services" to His Majesty the King. In it he mentioned that there were three guiding principles that he had used to formulate his policy of public social service. These are as follows.
Sir Beveridge asserted that any experiences gleaned in the past must be used to build opportunities to the future. Such experience should not be restricted on the basis of any sectional interests vested in its gathering. He personally remarked of this - "A revolutionary moment in the world's history is a time for revolutions, not for patching." (The Beveridge Report, 1942)
The second principle cautioned that the organisation of social insurance should be treated as only a part of overall social progress. This was so because social insurance aimed at negating all want in the British people. ...
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For any essay on Welfare in the present context it is first necessary to consider the concept of poverty alleviation as the English saw it. This is so because the English poor laws, from the Statute of Labourers (1349-1350) and proceeding to the Reforms of 1834, are the very basis of the concept of the Welfare State worldwide, and certainly in many European countries and the USA where they are closely associated.
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