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Employee Relation

They suffer in the hands of the employers and the government respectively.
In a country like Nigeria, for instance, both before and since the current democratic government took up the mantle of leadership, the government has, in its bid to restructure the country's battered economy, applied certain measures over and over again, each time bringing untold hardship on the Nigerian workers. An example of such measures is the continual increase in the prices of various petroleum products, notably gasoline, kerosene, gas, diesel and other lubricants.
Each time this is done, [It has been done six times within six years], the prices of virtually everything except workers' salary would go up by over a hundred per cent. The transporters would increase their transport fares, market people would do the same on food stuffs, landlords, estate agents, farmers, schools and college; all these and other service providers, including manufacturers would follow suit and increase the prices of their products and services, without any consideration for the worker, who bears the effect of inflation.
When the situation is like this, the workers plight become very pathetic because of the concomitant high cost of living and spiraling inflation the worker is left to grapple with as his pocket depletes quickly with his static salary. ...
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Right from time, being a trade unionist or a member of a trade union has been one of the most dangerous adventures in the work life of an employee. It is even becoming more dangerous today than ever before; and this is not peculiar to any particular country or industry - it is so the world over.
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