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Apocalyptic SciFi - Essay Example

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From very ancient time people were eager to know what would happen tomorrow, day after tomorrow or even in the far future. So that obscurity pushed people to dream about next days imagine and create different pictures about future in their mind. But it is often happens that things which are strange to people cause fear and uncertainness…

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Apocalyptic SciFi

Apocalyptical elements we can find in the prophetical books of Joel and Zecharian and more mature and well-developed apocalypse presented in the book of Iaiah and book of Daniel. So the origin of the apocalyptical genre begins from unfulfilled prophecy and traditional elements drawn in different sources.
One more source of apocalyptical fiction was basic mythological and cosmological traditions that open before the seer the secrets of the future no less surely than those of the past. The general object of apocalyptic literature was to solve the difficulties connected with the saintliness of God and the suffering of His righteous servants on earth. The saintliness of God stipulated according to the law the temporal happiness of the righteous and the common prosperity of necessity; for as yet there was no promise of life or recompense beyond the grave. But this feature was not found to obtain as a rule in life, and the difficulties arising from this conflict between perspective and experience centered round the lot of the righteous as a community and the lot of the righteous man as an individual. Old Testament prophecy had addressed itself to both these problems, though it was hardly conscious of the claims of this latter. It concerned itself essentially with the present, and with the future only as growing organically out of the present.
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