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Regional Airline Industry - Essay Example

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1. Regional airline business succeeds because of unique strategies and market niche occupied by airline carriers. Regional airline industry consists of independent carriers specialized in short haul flights. The success is that regional airline industry services small communities in partnership with large carriers…

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Regional Airline Industry

The success of the regional airline carriers is explained by attention is directed to the selection of the logical or best strategy under conditions of risk. Of course, expenditures for certain types of service are declining while others are gaining. . It is also important to recognize technology, particularly as it interacts with the strategy and organizational structure of the regional airlines. These expansions reflect desires to meet consumer needs and capture a larger part of the discretionary dollar. Services are not accorded concrete treatment in marketing, since they are intangible and difficult to deal with. Life styles are leading passengers to larger expenditures on services, which are important not only in the aggregate but also in their influence (Thompson et al 2008).
2. The strategy of SkyWest is based on unique brand image and partnership with United and Delta. The key is to have a strategy for investigating and integrating the various technologies over time. This is a challenging endeavor, to say the least. The importance of SkyWest strategy is that its operational strategy and organizational structure are developed simultaneously with the implementation of new information systems. ...
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