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Gender and Language - Essay Example

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The farmer did get his drink but with an enormous lecture on the benefits of self-help.
Is there a meeting point where members of the opposite sex could meet and communicate intelligibly There is the possibility. However, the possibility could come with a heavy rejoinder. The woman may ask for complete modification before seeing the set. The problem does not lie with the woman or the man. The problem is the age-old communication that has different people saying different things but understanding little. The man hardly will say anything. The woman has said all she wanted and also ensured that the cake remain with her. The husband, a listless individual, said little or nothing and scarcely knew the cake that existed.
The problem is not with the man who does not talk or the wife who has not only told her version but included her husband's as well. The problem is in understanding the genders. Man is made to say something or nothing. Woman, on the other hand, is made to talk her head off. It does not matter if the man is not listening.
Women are primarily different from men. You can have a bunch of women all talking together. You would not know who is talking and who is listening. But the conversation goes ahead in full blast and nobody is tired. This is because women are attuned to each other in such a way that makes listening easier.
Women are also more thorough and systematic. ...
A woman will dive deep within the ocean to explore the seabed. The man will hardly scour the surface if he finds nothing of value in the ocean.
By and large, women are soft spoken and observant. Comparatively, men are brash and may not even know what they are talking about. Consider this:
Woman (to her child): Honey, did you have breakfast
Child: No mum, not yet.
Woman: What would you like to have Scrambled eggs or cheese sandwich
Child: Cheese sandwich
Woman: I will have it ready by the time you finish your bath
Now let us have a man talk to the same child.
Man: Good morning!
Child: Good morning, dad!
Man: Have you had breakfast
Child: No!
The conversation stops. The man knows the breakfast will be served by the child's mother. He does not bother carrying on with the conversation.
Now let us go to a more aggressive scenario. This concerns a wife-beater and the victim. The victim is in a more advantageous position because her conscience is clear. Because her conscience is clear she is in better position to think and speak clearly. The wife-beater normally lacks sense and is laden with guilt. The victim has the option to face off. The wife-beater has no such option. In this scenario who is better of Is it the wife-beater or the victim Under the gaze of a third person, the wife is better of. The man will crouch for safety if his actions come under the glare of a third person.
Gender and Language
If seen in the right perspective, gender and language form fluent, complementary roles between the opposite sexes. It shows the man as the strong and caring personality as against the slender and dependent role of the woman. It is quite natural for man to be strong and supportive and for the woman to be ...Show more


Communication between the opposite sexes has never been easy. Lack of communication has been cited by many women seeking divorce. Thus, conversation has never been easy and cherished by couple other than those who mastered the art of saying the right thing at the right time.
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Gender and Language essay example
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