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Compound Interest and the Power of Saving

Interest in a nut shell is the cost of buying and selling money. The Banks buy money from you when you deposit money in the savings accounts or Certificate of Deposits at the Banks. The Banks give you a rate of interest on those accounts. But what do banks get out of that They then sell the money through loans and credit cards. So let us suppose the Banks give you 3% interest rate on the savings account and get 8% interest rate on a loan they give out. Essentially they make a profit of 5 % on that money. Now what is compounding of interest Simply put when interest is being paid on some money, that interest is added to the money and then the interest clock starts ticking on the new amount. Though it does not particularly sound exciting it is a very powerful concept and if utilized well can financially benefit anyone who understands it. To understand this concept an old parlor trick question can help. That question is, what would you prefer $1000 everyday for a month or a penny doubled everyday for the month (i.e. 1 cent the first day 2 cents the second day 4 cents the third day etc.). The mathematically astute person knows that this is a no contest and the person taking the penny doubling offer wins by a huge margin. ...
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The main purpose of this report is to look into the power of compound interest and how one can maximize ones saving capacity without making drastic lifestyle alterations. It looks into whether becoming a millionaire is difficult and whether becoming one is limited to successful businessmen and lottery winners…
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