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Addiction Affects

The results are presented to understand the gender influences in the issue.Inspite of the hard work by the students in the learning process , the high grades obtained by them are also influenced by the factors like setting proper priorities, maintaining pleasing attitudes and demonstrating acceptable behavioral practices. And., it is reported that the proportion of students that falls in the above category is only 40 % of the school population (Nelson et al, 2001). It is equally surprising that atleast a quarter of the high school leaving children felt unhappy and supportless and another 15 percent have the history of either attempting or committing suicide (Nelson et al, 2001). A closer introspection clearly reveals that the contributory factors for such disturbing situations are tobacco addiction, alcohol abuse, wide variation in the mental state like depression and bipolar disorder, unbearable loss of loved one, humiliation and easy access to very lethal systems (Nelson et al, 2001). Among these, addiction to tobacco is found to be the easiest trap to which students easily fell due to the easiness in availability of the products and relatively lower social stigma attached to this habit when compared to others in the list. ...
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The adolescent period might tempt students to various behavioral changes which are often very detrimental to their academic aspirations. Cigarette smoking is one such habit that is expected to cause considerable harm to health and scholastic skills…
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