Executive Function Performance Test

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The present study, conducted by Baum et al., evaluated the Executive Function Performance Test (EFPT) in a sample of patients with stroke. Numerous diseases and conditions reduce the competences and abilities of the affected population, and it is important to predict their performance, in order to guide a treatment plan and a therapeutic approach that includes both the patient and his/her family.


The researchers wanted to quantify the relationship between factors. The intervention was not randomly assigned and the results were determined as the same time as the application of the tool.
Several variables were used in this study. First, individuals were classified by their demographic characteristics: age, level of education, race, and gender. Second, the level of impairment (mild or moderate stroke), using the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale, and the level of cognition with the Short Blessed Test, were established. Then, several executive functions were measured in each of the four tasks: cooking, using the telephone, taking medications, and paying bills. Using the above mentioned variables, researchers measured the Reliability, Construct Validity, and Concurrent Validity of the scale.
The EFPT measures the performance of the individual in four important daily tasks, allowing a better approach to reality. It also records the support the patient needs in these tasks, so that family members can be educated and advised by the practitioner. The most important feature of the scale is that it assesses actual performance, and the individual is observed throughout the tasks.
After dividing participants into t ...
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