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My study area is a remote part of my house, away from television and street noise. It's located in the innermost cavern, the far corner of the basement. Here, away from all distractions I can settle into my concentration and visualize my studies as I read and write.


I feel comfortable here. Everything I need is close at hand and everything I don't want is far away and out of sight.
The lighting is adequate, though at times it seems a bit dim. The fluorescent desk lamp has a failing bulb and sometimes does more harm than good. It gives off just enough light to illuminate the surrounding area, which is quite cluttered and acts as a constant reminder that I need to clean out the basement. Because it's underground, the temperature stays well regulated all year around. It's cool in the summer and warm in the winter. My cat, AWOL, likes the area also and spends many hours here with me. He can often be found lying in my plush, swivel chair as I come down here to study. At times he can be a distraction, though it's only a short walk up the stairs to put him out of sight and out of mind.
As much as I enjoy my personal study space, there are some improvements I'd like to make. I would like to partition this corner of the basement off and create more of an office atmosphere. That would allow me to introduce some aroma into the area with the hopes of overcoming the perpetual musty smell of an old cellar. My favorite would be vanilla, though I also like the more exotic eastern incense smells. The partition would also serve as another barrier that I could place between the outside world and me, instilling an added layer of safety and recluse. ...
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