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Plurilingualism - Essay Example

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Plurilingualism is the ability of an individual to speak more than two languages. This is different from Multilingulism which basically means the knowledge and existence of many/several languages within the society. Thus Plurilingualism is more of an individual capability of a person to know more than one language…

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As per the council records, German Language is the most widely spoken mother tongue while English, French, and Italian follow in this order. English is the most spoken foreign language with French and German following it. About 56% of european union citizens can hold a conversation in one language apart from their mother tongue. (Eurobarometer 243)
Since the setting up of EU, there has been more close relationships between member countries in all the spheres such a economic, trade, education etc. The different cultures and languages in different countries is causing problems in day-to-day routine functioning as people are unable to freely disuss issues. This has necessitated the need for people who are able to understand more than one language.
Plurilingualism, therefore can also be defined as the wide range of attempts to stabilize multilingual societies by fostering high levels of individual plurilingual competence. This approach places focus on Language teaching and learning, This also encompasses all categories of linguistic rights, legislation, policies, that affect the relationships between different communities.
In this context, the Council of Europe, which closely monitors the linguistic and cultural environment in the continent, is now focusing on the language teach ...
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