Orientalism. François Bernier and Kaempfer’s Manuscripts.

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The works of many European intellectuals about the Asia gives us intriguing facts about the people's culture and various other ancient beliefs. We get enormous amount of data from various travelers account, so that we learn about Asian ancestors


This was extensively practiced by the imperialistic European scholars and it paved the way for an entirely new discipline of study called "Orientalism".

Orientalism is the study of near and Far Eastern societies and cultures, languages, and peoples by Western scholars. It also refers to the imitation or depiction of aspects of Eastern cultures in the West. When used in a neutrally descriptive sense, "Orientalism" describes a development in the history of ideas that was shaped by the attitudes of the era of European imperialism in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. But, the term when it is interpreted antagonistically, it implies trivializing, dismissive and prejudiced interpretations by Westerners of Eastern cultures and peoples.

Thehistoryandcultural influence of these "Oriental books" can be felt consistently. Writers who explored various facets of the countries cultures revealed only those in consistency with their culture and despised the other facets of the target countries culture. The traveler's manuscripts were beneficial in a number of ways, for example the traveler's records have paved the way to improve the trade relations between the east and the west. Also we learn ancient secrets from their books.

From their rich experience the travelers provide a huge amount of information which is useful at many times and confusing at times. ...
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