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Principles of Information Systems in Business and Organizations

Using this Zoho writer one can publish items directly to a blog and can save and import a range of text document formats, from Microsoft Word to HTML. One can import a document from one's computer or from any other web-page. But it raises a question, why should one import a file rather than accessing it on his own computer! There is no need to register in this website. One can easily access this website from anywhere by using his/her google e-mail id. The other main disadvantage noticed here is that, not two or more applications are made available in one page.
In comparison, Google Docs (, a well designed online application that helps user to prepare a Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation and Form. Also, the work done can be shared by others to get online reviews. The application is found to be highly professional with all the basic tools and functionalities available in a stand-alone word processing application. Also, as four applications are made available in one browser page, people tend to use google docs than any other application. The main features of this application is one can allow the list of persons who can access their documents. ...
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In a world where the technology rules, much advancement in the computer related applications has been made. Further research led to the development of web-based application format of the existing stand-alone software applications. In this paper, a study has been made to know the functionalities of a few web-based applications with a comparison made with the stand-alone software and the differences in terms of functionalities, flexibility of usage, pros and cons are discussed.
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