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Poetry as a means of establishment of a closer connection between a poet and a reader

To see how thematic issues and such special aesthetic qualities of the genre of poetry combine, one can turn attention to the poem that on the superficial level may seem to be devoted to the description of a filling station visited by the author who is the speaker. However, the theme of the poem is much wider than that - in fact, the authors choice of setting that creates a mini-plot of the poem, of characters, to which not only the owner of the station and his sons may be attributed but dog and even a begonia plant as well, and of a unique atmosphere of surprise and discovery of unusual things in usual environment turns out to be perhaps the best way to simultaneously tell a short story about a short visit to the dirty filling station, and express intense emotion that infects readers and makes them feel like they themselves are wondering about the strange and so invigorating coexistence of dirt, oil, and of elements symbolizing ever-present human concern for happiness and meaning embodied by wickerwork, comic books, taboret and doily with marguerites, and begonia.
The most important tool that enabled the poet to establish such a strong emotional poetic effect over readers was definitely the usage of language in the poem as the author reinforces its thematic content by free v ...
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It may take one quite a long time to enumerate all the qualities of poetry that make this literary genre so uniquely powerful in terms of its influence on the audience. Still, it seems warranted to suppose that one of the main of those special qualities of poetry is the ability of poetic language to carry in it something more than a mere sum of meanings of its separate words…
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