The Architecture of Race and Identity in the United States - Essay Example

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The Architecture of Race and Identity in the United States

The American dream is an impressive ideology that has lured people to America and moved them around within it. It is that idea that has encouraged millions of immigrants to strive in horrible conditions against impossible odds for centuries. Most Americans celebrate it unthinkingly, along with apple pie and motherhood; criticism is usually limited to imperfections in its application. But like apple pie and motherhood, the American dream turns out to be less than perfect upon closer examination. President Clinton has captured the bundle of shared tenets about achieving success that make up the ideology of the American dream. Those tenets answer the questions: Who may pursue the American dream In what does the pursuit consist How does one successfully pursue the dream Why is the pursuit worthy of our deepest commitment Although describing each tenet in detail is beyond the scope of this essay, we have to look at the flaws intrinsic to this dream, to gain better understanding of its validity and applicability in contemporary America.
The first persuasion, which is that everyone can participate equally and can always start over, is troubling, as throughout most part of the American history, women of any race and men who ...
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Hochschild raised several debatable claims about the architecture of race and identity in the United States. "The traditional nominal racial categories- black, white, Asian, Hispanic, are dissolving," Hochschild claims, "and they may be in the process of being replaced with a single, interval continuum based on skin tone." In her opinion, one potential political response to changes in racial identity might be to substitute racial categories in the U.S…
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