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Communications Technology

No way was I going to pedal over some of those hills though: o Lucky for me the bus drivers were happy to put my bike on a carrier on the front of the bus and drive me to a destination where I could pedal around exploring. Beautiful country...too bad about the tourism dollars going out of the country - but that's another blogg in itself. In 2004 I spent three weeks in Palau for the 9th Pacific Arts Festival - that was awesome! So many cultures, so little time. I plan on traveling the Eastern Coastline of Australia in 2007 - the web pics are breathtaking, and I want to learn to scuba dive.
I am also interested in robotics, and have built myself a little bot I've named Nox (yes I'm a Gater [Stargate fan]). I enjoy building things and I enjoy watching Nox learn things - like how to find his way through a maze (I made one out of cardboard) and how to find his way through my apartment (lots of trial and error and the occasional broken glass). At the moment I am building a little sister for Nox, her name is Major Carter (yep, Stargate again!). But trying to build around my studies can be difficult, as all I seem to do is study (_*)
I became interested in communications technology at high school. I firmly believe it is necessary for humans to have effective communications: interpersonally, nationally and globally. ...
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I am a university undergraduate interested in communications technology. Why Well, it the way of the future, it's exciting and so diverse, and the discipline provides me with many opportunities to be self-employed, work from home, or to be able to travel and work at the same time.
Author : vrobel

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