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Communications Technology - Essay Example

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Communications Technology

No way was I going to pedal over some of those hills though: o Lucky for me the bus drivers were happy to put my bike on a carrier on the front of the bus and drive me to a destination where I could pedal around exploring. Beautiful country...too bad about the tourism dollars going out of the country - but that's another blogg in itself. In 2004 I spent three weeks in Palau for the 9th Pacific Arts Festival - that was awesome! So many cultures, so little time. I plan on traveling the Eastern Coastline of Australia in 2007 - the web pics are breathtaking, and I want to learn to scuba dive.
I am also interested in robotics, and have built myself a little bot I've named Nox (yes I'm a Gater [Stargate fan]). I enjoy building things and I enjoy watching Nox learn things - like how to find his way through a maze (I made one out of cardboard) and how to find his way through my apartment (lots of trial and error and the occasional broken glass). At the moment I am building a little sister for Nox, her name is Major Carter (yep, Stargate again!). But trying to build around my studies can be difficult, as all I seem to do is study (_*)
I became interested in communications technology at high school. I firmly believe it is necessary for humans to have effective communications: interpersonally, nationally and globally. I think it important also that each person be able to critically analyze and reflect on information that is communicated to us and that each person have access to information, so that we can make informed decisions, and so that institutions, corporations and individuals can be accountable for their actions. It helps that the CT industry is growing rapidly, as that means I more likely to obtain gainful employment - in a job I enjoy! Also, the dynamic nature of the internet will allow me to be innovative and expressive in a variety of ways that suit my character - color, FUN, interaction, connections with like minded individuals and businesses etc. At this point, web programming is a definite interest. I will be able to design sites for others, as well as develop my own about topics which are important to me. Due to current time constraints ; ) I can begin a soapbox from my blogg, for dissemination on an important CT topic: ethics!!!

Ethics brings to mind for many people, including students, including myself - the word boringit conjures up images of dry, drab and complicated documents bound in dusty covers, sectioned away in the far corners of libraries. It is unfortunate that we, and I emphasize the collective "we", do not take more of an interest in our rights as citizens of this globe. For that is what ethics is - guidelines for maintaining our freedoms as a human being, our dignity, our privacy, and our accountability to the global community we are a part of.
With a medium such as the internet ethics becomes further complicated and even more important - at least I think so. The internet is an unmediated communication environment. This very blogg that you read now has been created by a person whom you do not know, are likely never to meet, and who is going to say a great (and they will be great : ) many things about people, and government, and business - and maybe even you. How do you feel about that I know that for myself I have several netiquette concerns (etiquette for the www). As I write this blogg I feel a pressing need to abscond to the loo (sorry ...Show more


I am a university undergraduate interested in communications technology. Why Well, it the way of the future, it's exciting and so diverse, and the discipline provides me with many opportunities to be self-employed, work from home, or to be able to travel and work at the same time.
Author : vrobel
Communications Technology essay example
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