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Optometry Education In Australia

The survey was based on information obtained from the personal interview with an optometrist which was a mandatory component of this assignment. The question type survey involved opinions of practitioners in Australia and internationally regarding the educational standards of the current university programs; the need for a national board examination system; and the opinion whether the profession was ensuring competence in practitioners. Also asked in the survey were the questions related to the need for national examination for overseas graduates, and if it is appropriate to conduct periodical mandatory examinations for practitioners. The results of the survey will be referred/referenced to throughout the essay.
So what are the educational standards A concern is whether the current optometry programs taught in Australia are appropriate. The four to five year course that leads to the degree of bachelorhood in optometry can then be furthered by undertaking MSc, MOptom, PhD in the same field. Experiments/research has been undertaken to improve the learning process of the students in this regard and new experiments and studies are being conducted. The introduction of WebCT (Web Course Tools) i.e. ...
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Education standards in Australia related to optometry are under rigorous scrutiny to meet the global standards in this profession. This has lead to various debates of numerous topics ranging from the type and standards of optometry courses at universities, to the need for national examinations for graduates and overseas trained optometrists…
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