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Tropical Forests Conservation - Essay Example

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This paper discusses various small-scale agricultural practices around tropical forests such as shifting cultivation, agroforestry, home garden and shade forming and compares it with other uses of tropical forests such as selective logging, plantation and monoculture…

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Tropical Forests Conservation

From a biologist perspective tropical forests are the richest and most exciting areas on earth sheltering a diverse wildlife. Tropical forests are differentiated from other type of forests due to their gigantic trees amazingly diverse fauna of colorful birds, millions of brightly hued insects, and a variety of fascinating mammals. It is widely accepted that tropical lowland forests are the most species-rich type of terrestrial ecosystem (DeVries & Walla, 2001; Bush & Lovejoy, 2007), for example, a hectare of Malaysian tropical rainforest may contain 180 kinds of trees.
Tropical rainforests are generally concentrated near the equator in Asia, Africa, South America, Central America, and on many of the Pacific Islands. According to WWF's biome classification, tropical rain forests are considered a type of tropical wet forest and may also be referred to as lowland equatorial evergreen rain forests. All five layers of tropical rainforests i.e. emergent layer, canopy layer, understory layer, shrub layer, and forest floor are enriched with different plants and animals.
Tropical deforestation, desertification, decreasing biodiversity, climate change and the scarcity of fresh water are issues of recent and ongoing global conflict and debate (Matti Palo and Jussi Uusivuori, 1999; Matti Palo and Heidi Vanhanen, 2000).
On the other hand, according to various studies by WWF committees, rainfor ...
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